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  1. I’ve read through all your articles and I laughed because I’ve been complaining about the exact same minor design details for a long time.

    • Well I’m glad that others are noticing this stuff too!
      I went through you Google + page, and you make some gorgeous stuff, dude.

      • Thanks Sahil 🙂 I will say I have just a tiny bit of sympathy for the Google designers because I know what it’s like working in a large company where communication is lackluster. Nevertheless, Google quite simply sucks at communicating between their product teams.

        • That is so true. I’m merely a high school student, ranting on about annoyances. I have no idea about the corporate world, and how hard it may be to actually implement changes. Maybe Google and other developers DO want to change things, but they aren’t able to, for whatever reason.
          Thanks for that insight!

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