The Future of Android App Design – Transparent System Bars.

I just got an update for my file manager of choice – Sliding Explorer.


I got really excited, and decided I had to make a post about this.

Transparent System bars is the future of Holo design. The Navigation bar isn’t a waste of space anymore, and the status bar merges with the app, which makes it look like it’s built into the OS!

I don’t know about you, but I really want to see more apps take advantage of this.




6 thoughts on “The Future of Android App Design – Transparent System Bars.

  1. (Just randomly stumbled on your Blog :P) Totally know what you mean. I’m a noob Android Developer, and I’m doing this with my app. (Just annoying that it makes the scrolling stuff end too far below on the bottom navigation bar if you know what I mean, so I’m Googleing for a workaround.) And just downloaded Sliding Explorer because of that. 😀

    I’m surprise that G-Apps isn’t like this. (I know that the G-Apps team and the Android team are seperate but still…)

    I like this blog about the Android UI Design. My friends like I’m crazy when I talk about little things like this. I think I’ll visit more often. 🙂

    • Awesome!
      Yeah, I’m surprised that all Google apps don’t use this yet. I guess we’ll have to wait, though. 😉

      I know what you mean! That’s why this blog exists: for people like you and me. I look forward to seeing you here more often!

      Good luck with your design/development! Do let me know how it all goes 🙂

  2. I really hate this mainly because of the awful gradients on top and bottom. It looks really cheap. Also i can see people trying to click a listitem at the bottom and hitting the home or back button.

    • I see your point! But would someone really click a listitem that’s so far down? Seems unnatural to me.

      The reason I like it is because the “blackness” of the navigation bar isn’t going to waste any more. It makes the app look more immersive, and the screen look bigger.

  3. It looks so much better than with the black bars at top and bottom – it should become standard that apps either look like how sliding explorer does, or that they use immersive mode, just so they look slick.

    • Right? I’m so glad you agree. The black bars are a waste of space. Although the translucent bars don’t add any extra “functionality”, they do enhance the visual experience for sure.

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