Another issue with the Clock App (and possibly others as well)

I should have added this with my earlier post about the clock app, but there’s another thing that annoys me.

The scrolling feedback – the white thing you see when you there are no more screens left to swipe to in an app – gets cut off by the action bar.

dont like how the feedback gets cut offOne way to get around this would be to make the action bar translucent, the way it is in Keep.  That way, the feedback would show through the action bar, and you wouldn’t feel like it’s a bug.

What do you think?


Google Keep “Search” icon?

What’s up with the Google Keep search icon? Compared to the usual one, found on other apps, like Gmail.



Could be that Google will update it soon, with 4.4, but I can’t imagine them using that tiny icon..

What do you think? Let me know in the comments down below.

So, I understand that Google tests out a lot of designs. But when will we finally get some consistency across the Google Apps? I constantly feel like I’m a beta tester.

Here, if you zoom in, you can see the action bar (where it’s refreshing). On Gmail (leftmost) the bar starts off slow and cycles to the right, and it’s blue.

In the second screenshot (Google Drive), the refresh bar is blue, but the sections of the updating bar are the same size, unlike in Gmail.

The Google + app is probably the biggest offender in this case. The update bar is multicolored (which I’m okay with, since they are the G+ colors) but they are also evenly spaced. Not to mention, the bar is at least 1 dip higher than the other two bars.

It feels like the developers of these different Google apps don’t communicate with each other.